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IoT sensors for your fields of application:


Communicating meters


Connected buildings




Industry 4.0

IoT for building managers and social landlords:

Monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity

Indoor temperature & humidity sensors are used to take temperature and humidity readings.

Remote detection of smoke vents opening

Inclin’O is used to remotely monitor the opening and closing of roof windows, roof vents, skydomes.

Monitoring of ventilation chamber operation

The Ventil’O sensor is used to remotely monitor your ventilation or air handling equipment by measuring the differential pressure.

The largest IoT products range for your projects

Are you looking for a wireless and energy autonomous sensor? We have the right sensor for your needs!
Expert in IoT sensors for more than 30 years, WATTECO offers a wide range of IoT sensors that cover many uses: energy measurement, temperature measurement, hygrometry, VOC, CO2 measurement, remote reading of water or gas meters, fluid level, predictive maintenance, battery monitoring, remote monitoring of industrial equipment, ventilation… Browse our sensors catalog! 

LoRaWAN® Products

Our wide range of connected sensors use the LoRaWAN® network radio technology for many applications, particularly in the building industry.

SigFox Products

Our range of SigFox sensors use this very low power, long range, secure radio network.

Custom products

Our engineering and design department mobilises its resources for your project and designs your future application to suit your needs and intended uses.

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