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WATTECO’s expertise for your IoT projects

The LoRaWAN™ and SigFox sensors from WATTECO are used in a range of applications such as tracking and improvement of energy performance, monitoring of building and maintenance equipment, comfort level for occupants and indoor air quality. They cover the fields of application of the industry, transport, as well as tertiary and residential buildings.

LoRaWAN™ products

Our wide range of connected sensors use the LoRaWAN™ network radio technology for many applications, particularly in the building industry.

SigFox Products

Our range of SigFox sensors use this very low power, long range, secure radio network.

BoB Assistant / Movee®

BoB Assistant and Movee solutions are designed to maximize your industrial performances!

Custom products

Our engineering and design department mobilises its resources for your project and designs your future application to suit your needs and intended uses.

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