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Connect your industrial processes and optimise their maintenance!

Industrialists are concerned about the energy performance of their processes and want to reduce the energy consumption of their equipment.

The issue for industrialists

Implementing a solution for industrial process monitoring can represent an excessively high investment or be technically impossible:

  • A trench must be dug out to bury cables.
  • Equipment that can be too costly to install.
  • Conflicts with company policy on the secure use of cabled networks for internal use or for production and maintenance.
  • No power source near the equipment to be measured, such as multi-fluid meters (water, gas, thermal energy).
  • Electricity meters are frequently installed in basements, or located in source substations.
  • The wireless solutions used historically (WiFi, WMbus…) are not able to provide a cost-effective and technically functional solution.

The smart sensors from WATTECO automate data collection from any location in the factory, where no cabled network is available!

Our radiofrequency sensors provide you with a near real-time overview of the electricity, water, gas and thermal energy consumption of your production sites in a simple, fast and cost-effective way.

Energy performance

Process monitoring

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