Clos’O – LoRaWAN


CLOS’O is a LoRaWAN® sensor that determines if a gateway is properly closed. Installed on the frame (or on the fixed part), it detects the position of a magnet fixed on the gate’s moving part.

The sensor reports over a public or private LoRaWAN® radio network the open or closed state of the gate. An alert is transmitted if the sensor is pulled out.



  • LoRaWAN®, Class A
  • Autonomous sensor
  • Detection of gate opening and closing
  • Large detection distance: up to 35mm
  • Sensor pullout alert
  • Very simple installation
  • More than 5 years of autonomy
  • Set intended for outdoor use


  • Leaf closure verification: barrier, gate, garage door, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring of fences, along free surfaces on grounds, around highways, railways, industrial sites.

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