Lev’O+ LPG Level solution – LoRaWAN


The Lev’O+ LPG Level solution enables remote reading of LPG gas tank levels. The tank level is measured and transmitted periodically over the LoRaWAN® network to the remote application. The unit is composed of the TORAN’O AtEx zone 1 sensor and a Rochester Gauge.


  • LoRaWAN®, Class A
  • Ready to install bundle with probe and transmitter.
  • Easy to deploy and use.
  • Plug & play with TORAN’O device (not supplied)
  • Probe power supplied by TORAN’O for the duration of the measurement
  • Remote level measurement probe on 2m cable:
    – Output voltage: ratiometric 10-90%
    – Accuracy: +/- 4% of full scale.
    – Horizontal LPG tank (vertical on demand)

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