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Use of codecs to decode the payload

WATTECO provides a CODEC to decode the frames of its LoRaWAN sensors in standard mode and others under development for Batch mode in a Python script, also available in GO and C for Batch frames decoding.

You will find this information at the following link:

Our codec implementations can be used as a basis for integration into an information system. They are available in Python (ZCL Like) or Javascript (batches).

See also:

Utility programs for sensor configuration

Configuration of sensors on the LoRaWAN® network


WATTECO sensors are supplied ready to use with a default factory configuration suitable for identified use cases.

However, the needs related to data processing and analysis sometimes require sensors to have a specific configuration.

Using the the downlink of the LoRaWAN® network, you can configure your WATTECO sensors from a remote site and to carry out operations on each sensor.

The Sensor Frame Encoder tool, available online or downloaded, allows you to generate configuration frames for WATTECO sensors in a simplified way. The steps for the selection of sensor type, parameters, frame format, are provided at the following link:

Configuration of sensors on the SigFox network


A configuration utility program is available at the following link:

The data transmitted to the SigFox Backend can be used without restriction.

The decoding is to be carried out using the information contained in the specification of the WATTECO application protocol,

Benefits of remote configuration:

  • Cost optimisation: no travel on site required to modify a configuration.
  • Time saving: no intervention on the sensor.
  • Security and reliability of the equipment: no actual entry point on the sensor, such as a USB port.