The industrial group Cetih (leading French door manufacturer) has recently reached a new milestone in terms of energy intelligence by deploying a new device. He was accompanied in this process by the joint venture Atl-En-Tic.

This collaboration resulted in an investment of around € 150,000 in two solutions. Firstly, a software solution currently being deployed at Machecoul’s production site, is expected to provide, through connected sensors, accurate indicators for monitoring energy consumption. Thereafter, we have photovoltaic panels, supplied by its subsidiary Systovi, to produce its own electricity.

If Akajoule accompanied Cetih in the energy audit and sensor installation, they were provided by the company NKE Watteco. It is the company Energiency (based in Rennes) that worked on the energy intelligence software to monitor and anticipate consumption. Learn more


Source: Le Journal des Entreprises