EOLANE  thus confirms its strategic refocusing on its core business: EMS

On the strength of its turnaround over the past year, Eolane continuing its strategic refocusing on its core business in France and internationally: specification, design, sourcing, industrialization, prototyping, production of advanced electronic boards and their integration into a finished product.

For Henri JUIN, Chairman of the Groupe éolane: “The sale of this business unit to NKE accelerates EOLANE’s strategic focus on its core business of EMS (electronic manufacturer supplier). We no longer aim to develop our own solutions, but rather to provide design assistance and support for the industrialization of products designed by our customers, whatever their sector of activity.  Of course, we retain a strong expertise in telecom to support our customers in Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Buildings , Smart Industry, Fleet Management , Smart logistics, and Smart Agriculture. This agreement also seals an industrial partnership with Nke Watteco for whom we will continue to manufacture BOB Assistant and Moove, which I am delighted about “.

Nke Watteco has specialized for 6 years in the design and marketing of sensors and connected boxes for building and industrial markets in BtoB. Its products are intended for the market of metering of all types of energy and remote measurement of the operating status of equipments. As such, nkeWatteco is already present on the market of connected sensors by having delivered 16 000 sensors over the year 2019 and has all the know-how and technological, material and human resources necessary to satisfy existing customers and prospects. NkeWatteco wishes to serve immediately the European market and in 2021 the international market .

For Jean-Claude  Le Bleis,  President of  Nke: “Bob and  Movee  will complete the portfolio of products designed for harsh industrial market next to gaz sub-consumption measurment ATEX devices and the three-phase current measurement. Moreover,  through  the association  with Cartesiam,  this prefigures the arrival of sensors of the future with on-board Artificial Intelligence (AI)“.

The two companies signed on September 9th the sale of the Smart Solutions Business Unit, including the 2 products with the LoRa protocol:

  • BOB Assistant: technology for predictive maintenance and operational assistance by permanent monitoring of vibrations and recorded temperatures of isolated systems (pump, air conditioning, cooling unit, fan…). [Visit the website]
  • Movee®(track and event): versatile sensor-based logistics and asset tracking technology  (ie. tracking, message and alert options) for geo-location and event management of physical assets. [Visit the website]