The BeFlexi project

WATTECO and Wi6Labs are contributing to the BeFlexi project, which aims to reduce the energy bill – water, gas, electricity – of educational buildings, administrative buildings and tertiary offices by up to 30%, as part of the SMILE – Smart Ideas to Link Energies. 


Geographical area

Concrete development of digital solutions at the energy transition service in the Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions in France.

What does it mean

At the beginning of this year, WATTECO has equipped some school buildings in France to monitor the consumption of general multi-fluid meters.

The instrumentation phase of this high school started with the identification of the measurement points, the connection of the meters to WATTECO LoRaWAN wireless equipment. The next step is the study of the topology of the meters – water, gas, electricity – and the verification of the radio-frequency communications between the LoRaWAN sensors and the network infrastructure set up by Wi6Labs.

After the testings, the sensors are able to read the data without any loss of frames. 

After this test phase, the sensors are going to be definitively installed and new sensors such as Temperature-Humidity and Vaqa’O sensors will be also set up. 

Goal of the project

The objective, by 2022 – 2023, is to install a total of 50,000 sensors in Brittany and Pays de la Loire in order to equip 1,000 buildings throughout the region.

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