Launched in spring 2016, SMILE (Smart Ideas to Link Energies) brings together energy and digital companies (large corporation, SMEs and start-ups), Breton and Loire Bassin communities, electrical grid managers with the objective to deploy between 2017 and 2020 technologies and services to set and deploy a new smart energy system for an investment of around € 260 million.

Fourteen programs have been committed around smart cities and territories, electric mobility, renewable energy, as well as   digital and the Internet of Energy …

In the SMILE framework, nke Watteco provides solutions for:

  • Remote reading of multi-fluid meters (water, gas, electricity, energy) for residential and industrial markets
  • Remote monitoring of a wide range of physical parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity, ) for collective residential, high schools and universities as well as industries
  • Remote monitoring of public lighting at the control cabinet and
  • Load control and demand side management for residential (electric heaters, water heaters) and industry (pumps, fans, valves, compressor, ..)