[WATTECO innovation] Toran’O, the zone 1 AtEx certified multipurpose sensor

The Toran’O sensor is the multipurpose sensor of our AtEx range for operation in explosive environments. It has the necessary AtEx zone 1 certification to operate in an explosive environment.

What is the AtEx zone?

An AtEx zone (for Explosive Atmosphere) is an area where there is a risk of explosion with the presence of hazardous materials such as gas or dust. Therefore, not all electronic equipment can be installed there! It has to be AtEx certified.

AtEx directive is broken down into several zones depending on where you want to install a sensor or equipment. Zone 1 corresponds to an occasional explosive atmosphere in normal operation.

Presentation of the new Toran’O sensor

A multipurpose sensor for explosive environments

Our new Toran’O sensor integrates several interfaces to adapt to different use cases: 3xS0 inputs, 2×0-5V inputs and 1×4-20mA input. A power supply output is available to supply the measuring probes.

Thus, it can manage:

  • status reports,
  • pulse metering of gas, electricity, water or heat meters,
  • volumetric fluid metering in the AtEx zone,
  • pressure sensor in explosive atmospheres.

Examples of use of Toran’O

With analogue input 0-5V

Combined with a measuring probe supplied by the sensor, Toran’O allows:

  • Pressure level measurement on a gas network.
  • The monitoring of gas tank level.

With the 4-20mA analogue input

In the AtEX environment, with this input associated with an analog interface, Toran’O allows information feedback:

  • oil tank level,
  • and temperature.

Let’s not forget this new AtEx sensor

The Pulse sensor Sens’O AtEx zone 1

It allows remote reading of gas metering data in AtEx 1 sensitive areas.