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Remote monitoring of escalators

The ability to respond quickly in the event of equipment failure contributes to the satisfaction of train station users.

The solution


nke WATTECO was selected by French rail company SNCF Gares & Connexions to remotely monitor escalators in train stations.

Based on specifications, nke WATTECO designed and manufactured a new sensor that continuously monitors the supply current in the electrical cabinet.

If the threshold is exceeded (escalator stopped, for example), an alert is immediately sent. The aim is to reduce maintenance time to 4 hours in order to improve the quality of service for users.

500 Intens’O LoRaWAN are currently deployed in various train stations in France.

Discover the article “IOT sensors: 20 stations are conducting connectivity tests in real conditions” on the website #DIGITALSNCF (French only)


Benefits of this device:

  • Monitoring the operation of an electric motor in machinery: moving walkway, escalator, elevator.
  • It immediately emits an alert if the threshold is exceeded.

Other possible applications of the sensor:

  • Predictive maintenance based on preset thresholds: ageing of a bearing, increase in mechanical clearance.
  • Public lighting: monitoring of current intensity from a light source, with detection of hatch opening.

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