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Remote monitoring of public lighting

Depending on the size of the municipality, public lighting can represent up to 60% of a municipality’s budget. Cities therefore wish to find solutions to optimise the management of their public lighting, reduce energy expenses and find energy savings, and remotely supervise lighting assets, for example, detect the malfunctioning of a street lamp or the opening of technical equipment such as a public lighting cabinet. The safety and comfort of residents also depends on good public lighting.

The solution

The Intens’O , allows to know if a light point is out of order by emitting an alert. It also makes it possible to control the opening of the hatch. It measures the intensity of the current and emits an alert in the event of a power failure. Installed with its detection input extension, it can detect the opening of the lamp post hatch and thus prevent cable theft.

The In’O enables on/off control of the lamp post line and thus remote control of lighting periods.

The Triphas’O enables the energy consumption of the public lighting to be monitored by measuring the consumption on each power supply outlet of the lighting points.

The TICs’O allows the global measurement of energy consumption from the ENEDIS meter. Thus, consumption can be analysed and the subscription can be adapted to the real energy requirement.

4 approaches of solutions for public lighting :

The Intens’O 

Benefits of this device:

  • The Intens’O allows the measurement and monitoring of the phase current intensity of electrical equipment, without shutting down or modifying the installation.
  • It allows you to check whether the lamp post is functional or at a standstill.
  • It allows to locate and intervene quickly on the location of the anomaly.
  • It enables predictive maintenance to be set up.
  • It measures the current and emits an alert when a threshold is crossed.

The In’O 

Benefits of this device:


  • It enables the luminaire fleet to be supervised and remotely controlled.
  • It alerts on technical faults with a history of events.
  • It allows immediate corrective action.

The Triphas’O 

Benefits of this device:


  • Installed in a switchboard or electrical cabinet, the Triphas’O makes it possible to measure, for each phase, the active and reactive energy, the active and reactive power and the power factor.
  • It allows remote monitoring of the energy consumed.
  • It also transmits the cumulative total of active and reactive power, active and reactive energy.

The TICs’O 

Benefits of this device:


  • Connected to the TIC output of the ENEDIS meter, the TICs’O allows remote reading of the overall energy consumption.
  • It thus enables real-time monitoring and control of the energy consumed.

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