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Ensuring catenary wires do not freeze

The guarantee of a good service requires the ability to limit risks related to broken catenary wires, and thus to reduce their negative impact on traffic, safety, reliability and security of the rail system.

The solution

The Atm’O measures the outdoor temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. It is suited to outdoor use thanks to its waterproof housing and tropicalized electronic board. Thus, it can determine the freezing point on catenary wires and emit an alert if the threshold is exceeded.

Benefits of this device:

  • It immediately emits an alert when frost is detected on the catenary wires.

Other possible applications of the sensor:

  • In an industrial environment: it can determine the blowing conditions required to maintain constant temperature and humidity in a room dedicated to an industrial process.
  • Roads: local weather information, road safety and optimisation of road salting operations in winter.

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