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Tracking water consumption

Water is a costly resource that must be preserved, and managing its consumption is a major issue. Building managers want the ability to be alerted in the event of meter blockage, fraud, leakage or any other malfunction.

The solution

Our Pulse Sens’O allows a water meter fitted with a pulse transmitter to be turned into a smart meter, and transmits the information necessary for water metering. It can be installed in utility shafts, in non-floodable cellars.

The IP68 waterproof Pulse Sens’O is installed on water meters in a below ground pit.


Benefits of this device:


  • Monitoring of energy performance in buildings.
  • Remote reading of consumption indexes.
  • Detection of water leakage.
  • Adapts to several types of meters, e.g. DN15, DN20 and others, in new and renovated buildings thanks to a module clipped to the meter.

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