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Remote monitoring of temperatures in a process

When monitoring a cold room, flue outlet temperature, a high temperature in a sensitive area, being able to control the temperature and send an alert if a threshold is exceeded is very important in many industrial processes.

The solution

WATTECO sensors are self-powered and provide temperature measurements at any location in a factory, where no cable network is available. They transmit temperature data at regular intervals and can send immediate alerts.

  • The Atm’O measures the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure to determine the blowing conditions required to maintain constant temperature and humidity in a room dedicated to an industrial process.
  • The 1-probe remote temperature is dedicated to temperature measurement in buildings, temperature-controlled rooms, cooling towers.

Benefits of this device:

  • Cold room monitoring.
  • Temperature control in an industrial process: paint line, temperature inside a flue to avoid gas blockage.

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