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Tracking electricity consumption

How to improve the energy performance of buildings? Finding ways to save energy starts with the ability to analyse electricity consumption. To do so, the consumption data must be available to ensure proper monitoring and to be able to respond promptly when necessary.

The solution

Our sensors turn your ENEDIS electricity meter into a smart meter, and transmit consumption by feed from the LVDP (Low Voltage Distribution Panel) to analyse and understand your consumption data.

  • TICS’O: electricity meter, data flow decoding from the TIC (customer tele-information) output.
  • Flash’O: electricity meter, LED flash counting.
  • Pulse SENS’O: pulse counting at the output of a submeter.
  • Modbus: communication with modular submeter MID via Modbus interface.
  • Triphas’O: three-phase electricity sub-metering, wattmeter.


Benefits of this device:


  • Monitoring of energy performance in buildings.
  • Our sensors can also be used to monitor autonomous energy production, to ensure solar panels operate properly or in the case of collective self-consumption.

The Flash’O installed on a meter

IoT sensors for the operation and maintenance of buildings